Monday, November 21, 2005

Twenty-one days into this hellish nightmare known as NaNoWriMo, and the walls are seeping blood... #@&^$%*!!!


It's a slog from here on out. Extremely painful. One might even say excruciating. At least I haven't wasted a ton of time posting on my blog, right? Right. That's something.

I feel better already.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Day Five of NaNoWriMo. My arms are a bit sore, and I'm craving some exercise, some fresh fruit, maybe even some sunshine. Damn you, Mid-Atlantic drear. May your farms grow mold in their silos and your school boards join religious cults...oh, wait.

I have a story. I'm using the phase outline and marking each POV shift with a color change, since it's an ensemble piece. Works pretty well so far. Story's called Bad Apples. It's based on the premise that there is this uber-elitist private college operating out of Henrietta, Rochester, NY that caters to a lucky few hundred people. One guy is a cruel snob. Another guy comes along and follows it act while improving on it. Outcast girl loves/hates Guy 1. Guy 2 likes Outcast Girl, even though he can (and has) done every warm body in school by his second month there. Outcast Girl witnesses Guy 1 doing an evil deed against Guy 2. Guy 2 bribes Outcast Girl into having a date with him so that she can tell him whatever bad news she has. She does so. Guy 2 is furious at Guy 1 and sexually blackmails him with the promise of revealing incriminating evidence of Guy 1's crime that would get him expelled, and Guy 2 continues to date Outcast Girl.

Another guy, the Jock, is friends with Guy 1 but obviously not as smart, because he gets help on his homework when football practice gets too intense. He receives an anonymous blackmail notice as well: someone knows that he's a cheater. The Blackmailer (not to be confused with Guy 2, who is only manipulating Guy 1) make the Jock do humiliating and embarrassing things. Jock is furious, fingers the wrong guy--let's call him Shy Guy--and plays all kinds of vengeful tricks on him.

Meanwhile, Preppy Girl, Guy 1's only ex that he's ever befriended post-coitus, discovers that she isn't really happy with a shallow, drifting existence. She likes Jock at first, but he's too distracted to pay attention to her all of a sudden. Her friends (hereafter dubbed the Mean Girls) tease Outcast Girl mercilessly, because that's what Mean Girls do. Outcast Girl helps Mean Girl 2 home after Mean Girl 1 totally blew her off, and reppy Girl finds out and starts to think that maybe Outcast girl isn't so dorky. The Mean Girls start a feud with each other. Preppy Girl avoids them and meets Hottie in the city, but he's more into her ultra-feminine Best Friend from U of R. Preppy Girl resolves to mold herself into Best Friend and put her high-powered, liberated feminist side in check to impress him. (Always a bad idea.)

Guy 1 doesn't really understand why, but suddenly he feels less like mocking Outcast Girl like he used to constantly and more like shagging her. He finds out that Guy 2, in fact, is already shagging her. Guy 1 approaches Guy2 about this during one of their own 'sordid sessions' and Guy 2 makes a critical mistake. Guy 1 puts two and two together and realizes that Outcast Girl told Guy 2 what he did.

In a confounded rage, mixing his sense of betrayal with his jealous passion, Guy 1 rapes Outcast Girl--after hinting at what Guy 2 has been doing to him. Outcast girl has mental/emotional breakdown, but she runs to Guy 2 anyway without telling him what happened. Guy 2 is sorely tempted to beat Guy 1 one to a pulp but first convinces Outcast Girl to take a nap and then hopefully go to the hospital. She stays for a few hours in his room, half-clothed, bruised and crying.

At some point, one of his roommates misinterprets what he see there and starts telling other people that he thinks Guy 2 raped Outcast Girl.

Jock knows he's not having an effect on the Blackmailer, but he can't do the latest thing the Blackmailer wants him to do, either. He decides to outwit the Blackmailer into incriminating himself and simultaneously confesses, while the Blackmailer, who turns out to be the friends who had been doing his homework for him in the first place, ends up expelled for hacking into the college computers. Jock never tells Shy Guy that he was the one playing pranks on him.

Preppy Girl hears the rumors of Guy 2, and being a friend of Guy 1, believes Guy 2 must have done it. She discusses this and Shy Guy overhears her. She and Hottie started dating, but it turns out the person she's become is so far removed from her true self that she's worse than she was before. Jock points this out. As it happens, Hottie has been cheating on her with Best Friend anyway.

Unfortunately, Shy Guy's senior year has fallen apart because of Jock's misappropriated revenge, and hearing that Guy 2 has brutalized Outcast Girl, his secret crush, he stabs Guy 2 and leaves him to die.

Shy Guy hints to Guy1 at what he's done but never confesses.

For Guy 2's protection, the administration tells the campus that he died, and Outcast Girl totally loses it. She's done a rape kit but never informed the police that she wanted to press charges. Guy 1, both ashamed of his treatment of her and longing for her in spite of himself, uses her malleable state to convince her that Guy 2 really DID rape her.

Jock and Preppy Girl get together. The Mean Girls still aren't speaking to ach other. Outcast Girl is a shell of her former self, and Guy 1 takes her under his wing. Guy 2 vows to find Outcast Girl and explain everything.


Why is it that all of my plots, no matter how cheerful they were in the beginning, always end up stating "Why Bad Things Happen To Good People," or perhaps more accurately, "How Bad Things Happen To Good People." The why, apparently, is a mystery to me, too.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm really not feeling artistically inclined or I would probably create another livejournal account. Anywhoo, I'm on my second day of NaNoWriMo, my phasing is dried up and nowhere near the quitting point, I'm over 4,000 words behind my daily requirement, and I have six and a half pages of my screenplay that I'm dying to add to my Final Draft file.